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We conduct open training sessions year-round, in and out of city limits. We encourage both new and experienced riders to train with us. We can also be found at local races, including Floyd Bennett Field and Prospect Park. Come and meet us or like our Facebook page. Contact Alex Kochatau or Sean Gordon for details.

To qualify for Team membership, you must have at minimum, a USAC Cat5 license, and 3 pack finishes in races. There is no membership fee, but the purchase of 2 team kits is required ($80.00 each).

Benefits from joining our team:
1. Verrazano Cycles offers to members free bike fitting and free bike repairs
2. Dealer price for merchandise by Verrazano Cycles including nutrition products
3. Reimbursement for entry fees.
Road races and crits: if you place within the top 10%.
Omnium track race: 1st place full reimbursement, 2nd place 2/3, 3rd place 1/3.
4. Free Macrobars during the season by GoMacro
5. 50% discount on Level One coaching from Elite Endurance
6. 50% discount on dental services from Cozine Group (Sunset park and Canarsie locations)
7. Unlimited free basic bike repairs and tune ups by Alex Kochatau
8. 50% discount on labor from computer repair
9. 15% off on sunglasses or eyeglasses purchase by Manhattan Grand Optical
10. You may have your country flag on the collar of our team uniform

Team member responsibilities:
1. Ride safe and be polite. Remember, you are an ambassador of our team and people who support us.
2. Complete at least 10 races a season as a team member in team kit
3. Train regularly during winter
4. Race only in our team kit. Wear team kit for every group ride. Previous season kit is not acceptable at team rides.
5. Update your USAC license club to Verrazano Team Racing within 2 weeks of joining.